upcycle your jeans ladies

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I will say this once. I will not say it twice. It’s so important that you upcycle your jeans.

Denim will truly never go out of style.

Why? because it’s so universal. So many things you can do with denim, old denim, new denim, used denim, your grandmother’s old denim mom jeans from the 80’s. The list goes on.

For example you have a pair of old black denim jeans that you may or may not have washed too many times. Now that are a bit high-water, and your parents think they’re funny by asking you “ where’s the flood” well fuck off old head these jeans got potential. Flip your high-waters into your new ankle skinny jeans. Hem the bottoms and give it a raw edge. Fray some pieces make its look rugged and rough. If your not sure on how to fray jeans click the link below.


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I Just Can’t Be Trusted

dropped stitch, fix, knitting, mending, repairs, shawl

My Tangled Yarn Knitting Adventures

I was minding my own business in my office at work and I looked over at my coat and shawl and saw……a hole!! I just fixed a hole in another shawl last month! What am I doing to my knitwear? I obviously cannot be trusted!

After some careful sleuthing, I don’t think this is a broken yarn kind of issue. I could not find any ends. Just a dangling loop, which means a dropped stitch that has been hanging around since I finished and blocked this thing in 2016. I just so happened to have some EXACT MATCHING YARN BASE AND COLOR left from one of the section of my Mini Solutions Scarf so I snipped a bit off to fix my Old Man of Storr. I used a crochet hook and fixed it to match the pattern to the best of my ability and then used the scrap…

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